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Every year, all first-year students entering Iowa State from high school will be required to complete the online alcohol risk reduction program, AlcoholEdu. Students should log on to Access Plus for detailed information and to complete the requirement within the given time frame.

Check out our AlcoholEdu AccessPlus instructions showing what you’ll see when you enter AccessPlus. Note the order of the steps!

AlcoholEdu is a science-based, interactive online program that provides students with important, reliable information.

AlcoholEdu provides information on alcohol and its effects on the brain, body and behavior. It includes surveys, tests of knowledge and chapters with information about how:

  • Expectations around how alcohol influences behavior
  • How alcohol affects learning and memory
  • How to recognize and respond to an alcohol-related emergency
  • How the body and brain respond at various blood alcohol concentrations (BAC)
  • How college students can reduce risk if they choose to consume alcohol

For technical assistance regarding the online program, please use the Help button tabs in the online courses or reference the Troubleshooting Tips document above.

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To request additional information, contact us at 515-294-5801 (8am-5pm).