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Women’s Health

Comprehensive women’s health services are available at Student Health. Confidential care is provided by all of our healthcare providers.

Women’s Health Services

  • Birth control prescriptions and counseling
    • Various methods of birth control are available in a variety of types that can meet your individual need:
      • Nexplanon implant
      • Intrauterine devices (IUD)
      • Depo Provera Injection
      • Birth control pills
      • Nuvaring
      • Diaphragm
      • Plan B available over-the-counter at the pharmacy
    • Check out more information on your birth control options!
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing, treatment, and prevention
  • HPV (Gardisil) vaccine
  • Care for menstrual concerns, such as pelvic pain or cramps, irregular periods, and PMS
  • Evaluation and treatment for common women’s health conditions such as:
    • Vaginal infections
    • Urinary tract infections
    • Concerns about sexual health
  • Routine annual health exams that may include:

How to Use the Pill Correctly

Watch this informative video on the correct way to use take birth control. Taking the pill correctly significantly increases its effectiveness.

Thank you to the University of Texas for this great video on how to use the pill correctly.


To schedule an appointment call (515) 294-5801. When you call for an appointment, please be specific about your needs so that we can schedule you with the appropriate healthcare provider and an appropriate amount of time.