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Physical Exams

Preventative Healthcare

Routine physical exams that you would normally receive annually can also be done by a healthcare provider at Student Health. Physical exams are different from routine office visits and could more appropriately be called “preventive and anticipatory exams.” These exams proactively focus on health issues based on specific criteria such as age, previous health history, social habits, lifestyle, and other factors.

Visit the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) website for additional information and timing of preventive exams.

It is recommended you bring updated immunization records, reports of surgeries, results of labs, results of imaging tests (such as CAT scans), all medications you are taking, and any other relevant health information to this appointment.

This visit may or may not include obtaining a blood sample , or other testing, as indicated.

Clearance Evaluations

Separate from preventive exams are medical clearance evaluations. These would include exams needed to satisfy requirements for starting a new job, participation in a camp or sporting event, foreign travel or similar. If you have a physical form that needs to be completed with the exam, we are happy to help you with that. Just let us know when you schedule the appointment.

If you need to be seen for a medical clearance evaluation it is important to bring any forms that you’ve been given to this appointment. Also, any relevant information required to complete the form, such as updated immunization records.


To schedule an appointment call (515) 294-5801. Make sure to tell the receptionist what type of exam you’re requesting so that the appropriate amount of time will be scheduled for you.