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Parents Page

At Student Health we understand how difficult it is to be away from your child when they leave for college. Some students can feel a little lost without a parent around to give advice, help dispense medications when they don’t feel well or make appointment for them at the clinic. We want you to know that we understand that the transition is hard, and we’ll do everything possible to help you and your student feel comfortable with the services that we can provide them while they are away from home.

Health Care You Can Trust

Student Health provides students with high quality health care, focusing on keeping your student healthy and promoting a health campus community. Students receive care from board certified physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and nursing professionals. They receive the same high quality care you would expect from their health care providers at home.

Thielen Student Health Center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care – the leader in ambulatory health care accreditation.

What to Send With Your Student

We suggest sending a few things along with your student when they come to school. We sometimes call this the “Portable Parent” kit.

Over the counter medicines, thermometers and other items are also available at the Student Health Pharmacy. These items can be billed directly to the student’s U-Bill should their cash be running low.

What to Do When Your Student Calls Home Feeling Sick

If your student is sick and calls you for advise, we recommend that you have them call the clinic to help them determine whether they need an appointment. Your student should be able to communicate how long they have been ill, what symptoms they have, if they have a fever, if they are vomiting, short of breath, or having other significant symptoms. This will help your student get the most rapid and appropriate treatment and care.

Treatment and Payment Information

Learning to navigate the health care system is part of your student’s transition into adulthood. This transition, however, is unique in that, the student may be receiving health care services while you are still paying for them, traditionally through your health insurance provider.

Legally, once your student is 18 years of age, their health information is private and protected by the law. It is only accessible to their parents at their request, regardless of who is paying for the service.

As insurance statements will still be sent the the health insurance card holder (traditionally the parent), we suggest talking with your student about your expectations in regards to sharing their protected health information with you BEFORE they ever need to visit the clinic.

Consent For Treatment of Minor Patients

All students under the age of 18 must have parental consent to obtain health care at Thielen Student Health Center. This may be accomplished by completing the Consent to Treat a Minor Form (PDF). You can mail the form to Student Health or drop it off when you’re on campus. It is highly recommended to have this on file at the health center before your student becomes ill or is injured and needs care.

Information Regarding Privacy of Information (HIPAA)

All students must sign the Authorization to Release Healthcare Information Form (PDF) before any protected health information can be released to anyone, including parents/guardians. This form must be signed before a medical provider or nurse can discuss your student’s health status with you. We realize that this is sometimes inconvenient, however your student’s privacy is our priority.

This form cannot legally be signed prior to an appointment with a medical provider or nurse. This form can only be signed at the time of appointment or for appointments that have occurred in the past. It is not a blanket form for all visits and legally must be signed for each new visit.

Health Insurance

Student Health accepts many insurance plans. For those students not already insured, and for details on the plan, visit the Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan (SSHIP) website for information on the student insurance plan.

Students can submit their insurance information in advance, so that we have the information on file before they ever need to visit us. If your student does not submit the insurance information in advance, please remind your son/daughter to bring their insurance card with them to their first visit to the health center. We will copy the card and scan it into the electronic record.  If you are the card holder, we will need the card holder’s full name and date of birth in order to process the claims.

Fees for Services

Charges for services provided at the Student Health can be billed to your health insurance carrier and pharmacy prescription insurance. Learn more about our billing procedures. All students enrolled in more than four credit hours pay the mandatory health fee each semester.

Requirements for New Students

Iowa State University has immunization requirements and recommendations for students entering the university. Holds will be placed on second semester registration if documentation is not provided. In addition, an incoming students coming directly from high school will be required to complete the online alcohol risk reduction program, AlcoholEdu, before they come to school.

ISU Parents Association

The Iowa State University Parents’ Association is an auxiliary organization of the Dean of Students Office, governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of parents of Iowa State students. All parents of ISU students are automatically members of the Association. The Parents’ Association serves as a link between you as parents and the university. Its mission is to serve and inform parents and to enhance the quality of student life at Iowa State University. For more information visit the Parents’ Association website.