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Checklist for Incoming International Students

Prior to Your Arrival

  • Complete the immunization submission process through AccessPlus. The immunizations submission site will walk you though the process of uploading your scanned immunization documentation. Please include the student’s full name, date of birth, and university identification number on each page sent.
  • Make a copy of immunization record (translated).
  • Make sure your immunization records include a copy of your two measles (MMR or MR) vaccinations or a blood test showing immunity to measles (rubeola titer). This is required.
  • Make a copy any records pertaining to previous tuberculosis testing or treatment.
  • If under the age of 18, it is required that you provide a minor consent form.
  • If you are a transfer student from another university in the U.S., please obtain immunization and tuberculosis records from that school using this form.

What to Bring to Your International Health Screening Appointment

  • Copies of your immunization records and previous tuberculosis testing (we ask this in case your records that you sent electronically are not legible or we have questions).
  • Any copies of other health records you may have including physical reports, lab work or x-ray reports. If you have x-ray pictures or films it is very helpful for you to bring these with you to be kept at Student Health while you are here.
  • Translated information regarding drug allergies, medications that you take or any chronic health conditions you have. It is highly recommended that you keep this information in something that you keep with you, for example: your wallet or purse in case you would require urgent medical attention while you are here. This will help the medical provider better care for you.

Other Items to Bring with You to Campus

If you have room in your luggage, you may want to bring these items with you to campus. However, if your bag is filling up quickly, you could purchase these items at the Student Health pharmacy when you arrive.