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New Students


First of all, as a new Iowa State University student, we want to say WELCOME! We’re excited that you are here and happy to be a part of your success while on campus.

Over the next few years, we’ll be available to meet your health care needs while on campus. It’s always a good idea to know what services we provide before you need them. So when you get a minute, take a look around our website or browse the New Student Guide to familiarize yourself with what’s available to you as a student of Iowa State University.


In the meantime, though, you’re probably here looking for information on one of these requirements you need to meet before starting your adventure at Iowa State:

Before You Arrive

We suggest that students complete a few forms before they arrive on campus.

If you have a chronic health care condition or other reason that you’d prefer to transfer your medical records to Thielen Student Health Center, we’re happy to assist you with that transfer. Just contact us in advance, and we’ll be ready for you when you arrive.

Finally, we created a checklist of first-aid and medical items to bring with you to campus. Of course, if you forget or run out of an item, the Student Health pharmacy carries all of these items for students to purchase as needed.