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Sliding Fee Discount Program

Sliding Fee Discount Program

This Sliding Fee Discount Program (SFDP) is designed to provide discounted medical services to actively enrolled students at Iowa State University (henceforth called “patients”) who have no means, or limited means, to pay for their medical services (Uninsured or Underinsured). The SFDP does not apply to those services or equipment that are purchased from external providers and vendors, including reference laboratory testing, medications from the TSHC pharmacy, and other such services, or to travel clinic services.

The sliding fee is intended to be the payor of last resort. All charges must be submitted to applicable insurance prior to application of the sliding fee scale. Patients who elect not to have certain types of charges sent through insurance are not eligible to have the sliding fee scale applied to those charges.

In some circumstances, a withdrawn student or recent graduate may continue to receive care from the Mental Health Department for purposes of continuity of care.  In such cases the requirement to be actively enrolled may be waived and the Sliding Fee Scale applied for mental health visits.

Non-Covered Services Under the Sliding Fee Discount Program

Certain services that are deemed elective and/or involve external providers and vendors are not eligible for a sliding fee discount.

  • Lab tests performed by Reference Labs (tests that TSHC sends out for completion)
  • Medications from the TSHC pharmacy (either prescription or OTC)
  • Services provided by the Travel Clinic

**All patients seeking healthcare services at TSHC are assured that they will be served regardless of ability to pay. Eligible patients will not be refused service because of lack of financial means to pay.  However, TSHC reserves the right to discharge a patient if THSC believes the patient is no longer eligible to receive services at TSHC (graduated or separated from the university) and continues to knowingly seek care at TSHC.

For additional information, or if you have any questions, please contact the Billing Department at (515) 294-7523