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Are you “In Network”?

Check to see if your insurance will pay for services provided at the Thielen Student Health Center and other health care providers in Ames.

Every card’s design will be unique based on your insurance company, but you can follow these generic steps:

1. Get out your insurance card and locate the customer service number.

  • If you don’t have an insurance card, but are covered under your parent’s plan, ask them for the numbers below. Or, even better, ask them to get you your own copy!
  • If your parents don’t know the information or if you have lost your insurance card, you may call your insurance provider and ask for a new card.








2.Next, find your group or plan number. You’ll need to tell them the number when you call.

group number


3. Call the customer service number and ask them these questions:

  • Does my insurance pay for healthcare services provided by the following Ames, IA, facilities?
    • ISU Thielen Student Health Center
    • Mary Greeley Medical Center
    • McFarland Clinic
  • Will my insurance pay for routine healthcare while attending Iowa State University?
  • Will my insurance pay for medical emergencies?
  • Will I need a primary care provider’s referral, in order for my insurance to pay for care in Ames?
  • During the summer months, will my insurance pay for routine healthcare and/or emergencies if I’m not taking classes?
  • If I choose to study abroad, will my insurance pay for routine healthcare and/or emergencies worldwide?


4. After you have checked, feel free to submit an electronic copy of your insurance card.

  • This allows us to have your insurance information on file and ready if you ever need to come in and see us.