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SSHIP Health Insurance

Insurance Especially for Students and Scholars

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, working with Iowa State University, offers the Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan (SSHIP). The plan offers health insurance that protects students and scholars at school, at home, and while traveling or studying abroad.

Student Health is the provider for the services covered in the insurance plan, however we are NOT the administrators of the plan. Any questions about coverage for the plan should be directed to the SSHIP office.

To learn more about the plan or to register for the coverage, please visit the Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan website, visit the SSHIP office located at 3810 Beardshear Hall, or call 515-294-4800.


Five reasons to choose SSHIP

  1. SSHIP is designed specifically for Iowa State University students. Meeting the needs of our students is our motivation—not profit.
  2. Thielen Student Health Center provides primary, preventive and mental health care on campus, keeping costs as low as possible.
  3. SSHIP travels with you. SSHIP members are protected by a nationwide network of hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical services.
  4. SSHIP for Domestic Students has low member cost-sharing, with an in-network deductible of $450.
  5. Value. For many students, SHIP offers an affordable fee assessment price.

Summer Open Enrollment began on April 1st and will end on May 31st. Coverage would start on May 1, 2018. Domestic students that are enrolled in 2.5 credits for the summer, or enrolled in 5 credits in Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 can enroll without taking summer classes. Once enrolled coverage will end on July 31, 2018 and students MUST re-enroll for Fall insurance beginning July 1st. 


Domestic Students

For US citizens or US permanent residents, registered at Iowa State University for classes that total at least 5 credits or more, spouses or domestic partners of students enrolled in the program and dependent children of students enrolled in the program.

2017/18 Benefits and Rates
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International Students

All international students who are enrolled in a class at  Iowa State University (except for those only in audited courses or distance ed) are automatically enrolled in the Iowa State University Student & Scholar Medical Insurance Plan. In addition, International students are required to enroll their spouse/domestic partner and dependent children who have traveled with them to the United States within 30 days of their arrival at Iowa State.

2017/18 Benefits and Rates
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Visiting Scholars
(Post-docs are not considered visiting scholars)

All visiting scholars are required to maintain qualified health insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents throughout their stay at Iowa State University. Visiting scholars may enroll themselves, their spouse/domestic partner and their dependent children in the Iowa State SSHIP program. You must enroll within 30 days of your arrival. Whether you enroll during the Open Enrollment Period (July 1 – Aug. 31, 2017), arrive after the Open Enrollment Period, or if you experience a qualifying event, visiting scholars must enroll manually rather than online. Go here to download your enrollment form.

2017/18 Benefits and Rates
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Already Have the Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan (SSHIP)?

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 Affordable Care Act Information

Information regarding the Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchange programs and what it means for ISU students can be found on the SSHIP website as well.