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COVID-19 Testing for New Students

ONLY students brand new to living in campus housing will be need to provide proof of a COVID-19 test prior to receiving their keys and moving into campus housing.

Your test result can show either:

  1. A positive test within 90 days of your move-in date


  1. A negative test within 72 hours of your move-in date. You can get tested:
    1. Elsewhere (where you live now or another testing site)
    2. At Iowa State (on-campus testing)

Test results must show:
• Student’s name
• Date the test was completed
• Type of test (this cannot be an antibody test)
• Result


If Student Tested Positive within 90 Days

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within 90 days of your move-in date, email the results to If  student is no longer symptomatic, and have completed  isolation, they will receive a confirmation email which needs to be shown to the housing staff at move in.


If Student Plans to Test Off-Campus

Schedule a test within 72 hours of when you plan to move on. Once you have results, email them to You will be sent a confirmation email you need to then show staff at move in.

If your test is positive, you need to isolate for 10 days. Email your results to and you will be given clearance to move in after your 10-day isolation. If you are unable to isolate where you currently live, please contact to make isolation housing arrangements on campus.


If You Plan to Test On-Campus

If you choose to have your test conducted by Iowa State rather than at home, schedule an appointment here for the day before you plan to move in. You will be tested and then need to return home or stay in a hotel or other off-campus arrangement for the evening. You will get test results the following day. If your test is negative, you will show the results to housing staff at move in. If your test is positive, health staff will reach out to you and make arrangements for isolation housing.