For Appointments: (515) 294-5801

About Us

Thielen Student Health Center is a full-service medical clinic in Ames, Iowa, staffed with physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners and nurses. Our team is available to care for Iowa State University students’ primary health care needs, and we offer a full range of medical services.

We understand the unique needs of students – things like working around your schedule to help you make an appointment or helping you transfer your medical records and prescriptions from home to school. Twice each month we publish our Student Affairs Cabinet Report, which keeps our partners updated on the happenings at the student health center.

We provide an inclusive, non-judgmental environment for our diverse student body and are conveniently located right on Iowa State University’s campus across from State Gym!

If you would like to contact us or provide feedback, please do. We’re here to serve students and want to hear from you!